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TS MXMP7 40x-640x Microscope

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TS Optics MXM P7: two microscope types in one - transmitted light and incident light.

40x - 640x Magnification


Switchable illumination for transmitted and incident light:
With this flexible lighting system, you can view prepared slides and also opaque objects like leafs, minerals, insects and many more. The switch allows three settings: incident light, transmitted light and both.


Dimable illumination:
With the wheel on the right side, you can easily adjust the brightness if the LEDs in order to adapt the illumination to the individual object. In transmitted light mode, a filter wheel below the mechanical stage allows to change the light colour. This gives many objects more contrast. The stage has an integrated condenser lens.



360° rotatable head:
For easy operation with two or more observers, the head with the eyepiece can be rotated.

Many microscopes of this price range have equipment that looks interesting - but in reality, it often collides with the physical laws. E.g. it is not possible to achieve magnifications over 1000x with so-called dry objectives. Here, you need special condenser equipment and oil-immersion objectives. (For such applications, we recommend our MXS-P44 model,below). Our TS Optics MXM P7 has sensible eqiupment that offers a magnification range from 40x to 640x which can really be used.



Cross table:
This microscope comes with a cross table allowing fine x-y-movements of the probe even at high magnification.



TS MXM P7 Detail

The picture above shows the mechnical stage with its cross table to hold the slide in place. You also see the LED for incident light to illuminate opaque objects. The triple nosepiece allows a quick change of the magnification. Beneath the mechanical stage, there's a filter wheel containing different colour filters to enhance contrast at special objects.



Technical details & scope of delivery:

  • Magnification range: 40-640x
  • Eyepieces: WF 10x, 16x
  • Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x
  • Prism tube: 45° inclined for comfortable view
  • Illumination: LED, transmitted and incident light, dimable
  • Mechanical stage: with dual focusing knobs, 90x90mm with cross table
  • Kondenser: N.A. 0,65
  • Dust cover





Recommended accessories:

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