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A very Happy Christmas to all of our customers, friends, family and followers. Hope the holidays are everything you want it to be  :)



Last days for orders to be despatched is Thursday 21st December.

We'd rather it went out earlier, so dont delay in getting your order in with us.

Collections can be made by prior arrangement until Saturday Evening.

Happy Christmas to all of our Customers, Friends and Family.





Shipping rate update -

Orders below €290 ship anywhere in Ireland for €6.50

Orders above €290 ship for €8.95 anywhere in Ireland.




We will be attending the Mayo Dark Festival, 27-29 October 2017.

We will have a pretty good range of goodies on offer, but if you need anything specific, please contact us, as our transport space will be limited.

If you ned any advice we will be glad to offer same  :)

We will be attending Midlands Astronomy Club open night in the Bridge House Hotel in Tullamore on Monday 30th January from 8pm - 11pm.
We will be on hand to offer advice on all things astronomy equipment related  :)
Our next big event is Astrofest 2017, hosted by Galway Astronomy Club, at the Westwood Hotel in Galway 27th/28 January
Saturday is the main event, a series of talks by renowned speakers. Friday evening, weather permitting, there will be observing at a local dark site.
We will be there with a nice setup, including our meteorites.
Definitley one to check out.



We will be attending the Mayo Dark Sky Festival at the end of the month, in Newport, Co Mayo, 28th October to 30th.
Its a 4 day event, (we will be there for 3), superb accredited dark skies, super itinerary, and plenty to do.
Check it out.




Two new Celestron ranges have been added to the site.

First up, the Inspire Series, great starter scopes with included smart phone adaptor, in 70mm, 80mm and 90mm refractors.


And the long awaited Astro Fi Series, a range of wifi controlled telescopes, enabled through the Celestron Sky Portal App on your tablet or smartphone. Available in 90mm, 102mm and 130mm in various designs, these promise to be very popular.



Celestron have announced 2 new mounts, the CGX and CGEM 2, and a range of new telescopes with wifi control.


Keep an eye in our New Products section, they will be going up online soon  :)




There is a big gathering for the Persied Meteor Show event, at Lough Crew, on 12/13 August.

We will be there, so if you need any advice or help with gear, we will be available to do just that.





Skywatcher 18" & 20" Goto Dobsonians

Skywatcher have released 18" & 20" Got truss tube dobsonians. We have them listed here -







Upcoming event:  27th September

Meath Astronomy Club have organised an event for the Lunar Eclipse, at Rathbeggan Lakes.

Entry is free, and there will be a live imaging demo, a night sky tour and of course plenty of telescopes to look through.

Younger astronomers welcome!





Super news for Irish astronomers. We have teamed up with Republic of Astronomy, Ireland most popular astronomy group. We will be running competitins, offers and events with them throughout the year.


Check out their Facebook page, its constantly being updated with news, and of course our compeititions will be shared there!





One of our customers is selling his very little used ZWO ASI 120 Mono USB 2.0 Camera.

If you are interested, please contact us via the usual channels.

The price is €250, bought fro €339.




Recent pic of the Sadr region of Cygnus. We hope to get better shots of this as Cygnus climbs higher into the summer sky.

Photo taken with our Atrophotography Setup - with a modified Canon 1000D -








A great Solar Eclipse shot, taken by us , using a Seymour Solar Glass Filter








Great news for astronomers in Ireland


Celestron is now available, and in stock at Ktec Telescopes.


If you want any Celestron product, or part, just contact us  :)




We will be at Galway Astronomy Festival on Saturday 21st February, at Westwood House Hotel in Galway.
We will be bringing a lot of stuff to diplay, from eyepieces to full astrophotography setups, and also our meteorites.
Checkout the link here -





We have been working on something for the past 11 months, and finally, it has come to fruition.

We are proud to offer Meteorites on our site, from Stony NWA type, to Lunar and Martian rock samples.

Every single one sourced from reputable dealers from around the globe, plus, we have our own IMCA (International Meteorite Collector Association) number (#7872), so we stand by every single meteorite sold.

Currently, we have over 200 individual stones/fragments/slices in stock, with over 30 currently listed on the site. Each one an individually listed specimen, so the one you see is the one you get.

We can source pretty much any meteorite you might want, through our international contacts, so let us know if you require anything specific.






Big news for December - A new baby girl  :)

Meet Vella, born on 1st December at 1.22pm.






The new Skywatcher AZEQ5GT is now listed, and will be available for delivery from Late January.


Dual use EQ mode or Alt-Az. Nice payload, and brand new technology.


Featuring dual encoder technology, you can now unlock the clutches, and you wont lose your goto alignment. Which is very handy!





Yes, we are doing Black Friday!

Check out these amazing deals, only available until Midnight 28th November.

Limited supply on some items, first come first served.




Skywatcher have released the big brother to the ever popular 130P Synscan Goto.

Meet the Star Discovery 150P Synscan Goto.

A beautiful 6" parabolic reflector, on the renowned and easy to use Synscan AZ Goto Mount, but with the added joy of Dual Encoder "Freedom Find" Technology - allows you to manually move the telescope without losing goto alignment.





We are running a super Christmas promotion with Baader Planetarium on the Hyperion Range.

All Hyperion Eyepieces and Eyepiece Sets are reduced until Jan 31 2015.




It has been oa bit of a wait since we first seen one, but finally, the 18" Skywatcher Dobsonian has been launched in Ireland and UK.

Truss tube design, 50kg in total, and at an introductory price of €4850 with us, including delivery to your door in Ireland,  its a lot of scope for the money.

Named "Stargate", this range is sure to make its mark.




TS Optics have released a new range of refractors, primarily designed for astrophotography. - the Imaging Star range.

Available from 70mm up to 100mm, and in Focal Ratios from F4.4 up to F6.78, these are ideal for those looking for a faster, flat-field refractor.

Using from 2 up to 6 lens elements, all bar one (70mm) using OHara FPL-53 Glass in the train, these are very well specced telescopes.




The Skellig Star Party takes place again in 2015. Dates are set for August 14/15/16.

This is one of the most relaxed star parties in Ireland. Get 2 nights observing in a Gold Tier dark Sky Reserve, in South West Kerry.

Check out the facebook page, and keep an eye out for a dedicated website.




We have a new category up for Archery Scopes and Tripods.

These scopes are perfect for target shooters.



Checkout these monsters.

Fornax Heavy Duty EQ Mounts now available.

Catering for telescopes and setups in the 40kg to 100kg range, these are truly amazing pieces of kit.





ZWO have released USB 3.0 versions of their highly acclaimed ASI120 series.


Monochrome and colour available.




The late summer goodies just keep on coming.

Atik have announced their Atik One 9.0.

A ccd camera with integrated filter wheel.

For a limited time, purchase this camera, plus the Atik GP Guide Camera, and an Atik Off Axis Guider together, and save nearly €400.




Skywatcher have announced a superb new mount, the Star Adventurer.

Its a brilliant mount for attaching DSLR Cameras, and getting those brilliant panoramic Milky Way shots we see so often on Facebook and in magazines.

Check it out -




BAADER Planetarium now available at Ktec Telescopes.

Some of the finest visual and photographic filters, not to mention the Hyperion and Ortho Eyepieces are now online in Ireland for the very first time.


We also have the MPCC Coma Corrector, and LVI Smartguider 2.


Check out the eyepieces here -

The Visual Filters here -

The Photographic Filters here -






The last of our Astro-Professional SWA Eyepieces must go.

We have 10, 15 and 20mm left. Grab a bargain.




Back into stock!

ZWO Cameras. Brilliant for planetary shots.

All models ready to ship. And remember, delivery in Ireland is free!





12" Ultra Portable Dobsonian... for €945, delivered to your door ... dont mind if we do.

Explore Scientific Ultra Portable Dobsonians available in 10", 12" and the mighty 16", now available at Ktec Telescopes.




Skywatcher have announced additional eyepieces to their acclaimed UWA Planetary range.

A 6mm, 7mm and 8mm are now available.

For the price - €49.50, thes are amazing eyepieces for planetary and lunar views, with great eye relief too.





We are packing up our stuff for Cosmos 2014.

A full weekend of Astronomy, at Shamrock Lodge Hotel in Athlone, April 5, 6 & 7.

Hosted by Midlands Astronomy Club, it promises to be the best weekend of the year for astronomers to get together and have a natter.

We are sponsoring the main speaker, Will Gater, and we are really looking forward to it.

We will be bringing a good bit of stuff to display.

More info here -





Skywatchers new 100° fov eyepiece is here.

Introducing the Myriad 9mm 1.25" and 2" fitment eyepiece all in one. 9 lenses, in a great package.

The following additional focal lengths are later planned for this series: 20mm (100°), 15mm (100°), 5mm (110°), and 3mm (110°)




Microscopes Microscopes Microscopes!!!

Just arrived into stock  :)

Check them out, we even took one for ourselves!!!!




Atik have announced their 2 new cameras, Atik One 6.0 and Atik GP. But......
They have announced a special introductory bundle containing both new cameras and their renowned Off Axis Guider.
Saving you nearly €550 when purchased in this bundle, its a limited offer, pending deliveries beginning in March.
Email us if you have any questions or want to get a deposit down. But be quick.








We are delighted to announce the arrival of Astrozap products to our site, beginning with their acclaimed Dew Straps, for all eyepieces and telescopes from 1.25" to 16".

Stock is incoming  :)

See the range -




Moravian Instruments CCD Cameras now available in our online shop.

CCD Cameras for low light imaging and astrophotography

Check them out -



Atik CCD Cameras have had a price drop on many of the cameras  in their range, including the EX series.

Almost €220 off the superb 428EX  -

Almost €165 off the superb 460EX -

€500 off the range topping 11000 Mono -


Check out the range here -




Time for some awesome news.

Ktec Telescopes have teamed up with renowned German supplier TS Optics, to bring to Ireland their superb range of Doublet, Triplet and Quadruplet Refractors.

We have kept the prices as close as possible given our higher vat rate & shipping.

Perfect for serious Astrophotography.



Great News -

Ktec Telescopes are delighted to announce the arrival of Boren-Simon F2.8 Carbon Astrographs to Ireland.
Check out these super fast, superbly specced astrographs.
Available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" apertures.



Rigel Systems

Checkout these great products, including a great red-dot finder-



Big price drop on the iOptron iEQ45 for 2014 - check it out  :)



Ktec Telescopes customer Dave Connolly took this super pic of M45 with his AstroTrac -

This is 12 x 15 second shots, 12 dark frames stacked in DSS
Canon 60d, Canon 70-300 lens @ 280mm ISO 800
Very light processing in Lightroom


©Dave Connolly



We still have stock arriving in for Christmas.

AstroTrac arrived today   :)



Gift Vouchers are now available at Ktec Telescopes-  From €20.00 to €200.00.



iOptron Skytracker v2 is in stock, and ready to ship.

The ideal widefield astrophotography travel mount, perfect for your Canon DSLR

2 versions available


Checkout these amazing Astromedia Kits. Have fun this Christmas assembling these amazing,  fully functional Telescopes, Stardials, Solar Projectors and more.



Skywatchers hotly anticipated Esprit 80ED & Esprit 100ED Triplets are now available at Ktec Telescopes.

Demand is high, the 1st batch to the distributors sold out very quickly, and already the second batch is selling out fast, due for delivery in December!!  If you want one, contact us quickly!!



Starwave Bahtinov Focus Masks are arriving into stock this week. No more second guessing focus!



A new OTA Optical Tube Assembly section hs just gone up onsite. Hope it makes it easier to select your required OTA  :)



The superb new Skywatcher SWA-70° Dual Fit Eyepieces just arrived into stock.




Skywatcher  have launched the Startravel 80 AZ3, mating the superb 80mm wide field scope to  the sturdy AZ3 alt-Az mount. Stock is incoming, we dont expect them to last long!!




Checkout our Sport & Nature section -


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